Our Services


Building Services That
Don't Impact Your Life

Remodelling and repair work is only carried out successfully when it is done with respect and consideration for your family. With this in mind, we treat your home with the same care you do, whizzing in and out without disturbing your home life. Old fashioned courtesy goes a long way towards making your project a pleasant one, but safety is also a factor we pay attention to. To make sure your family is safe while we work, we have stamps of approval from Gas Safe, the FNB, and the NICEIC. From in-house chats about ideas to nailing in the last screw, we manage every stage of your project. There is no task too big or small.

We Make It Stress Free

It can be difficult to make your way through the number of options available to you, so we offer you solid support at the inception phase, personally helping you to build ideas that work practically. A free guidebook walks you through every step of the project, from choosing materials to counter-top options. At this stage, you will find it simpler to decide whether you need refurbishment, extensions, fresh décor, or simply repairs and a freshening up of decor through new flooring and painting.

Our Expertise

Professionals who have worked together for decades offer benefits that serve your needs more completely. They learn to function together as a team. This results in meticulous attention to detail which, when combined with the expertise needed for each task, leaves you with a finish that meets your expectations. Our workers' abilities range across multiple disciplines and hundreds of years, bringing you knowledge, skill, and high standards.

Our Size

Our list of accreditations spans all the contracting services we offer. Our brand has become a recognisable part of the local scenery through our famous white, red, and blue vans and office logo. Our reputation is backed by the largest UK building trade association, and we have been certified by UK's leading electrical contracting body. Our long history promises a solid future that will continue to support you long after we've finished your current project.

Our Flexibility

As a family business that has turned its professionals into extended relatives, we focus on keeping you and your family comfortable while we work. We would hate to turn your life upside down, especially during extensive refurbishments that can leave you feeling frazzled. We pay attention to your personal needs, tailoring our work to the hustle and bustle of your 21st century lifestyle. Our work schedule will be built around yours, leaving you free to live your life comfortably.

We Can Help With Nearly Everything

If your electrics, plumbing or gas systems need mending or updating, we'll help you to make sense of the technicalities while delivering a result that is intelligently designed and resource-efficient. Smaller tasks such as gutter-unclogging are carried out just as conscientiously. Style updates such as painting, redecorating, and remodelling are finished according to your stylistic needs and with an eye for detail. If your home needs to be overhauled to include the comforts of the modern lifestyle, we refurbish your home with heating, solar power, and state-of-the-art inbuilt audio.