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100% Stress Free
Project Management

Housing improvements can be complex and intimidating for home owners but we like to keep things simple and anxiety-free. We guide you through your project, explaining the brands and costs involved in language you can understand. Today's home owners have new needs when it comes to their houses. They want resource-efficient electrics, heating and plumbing, and the low utility bills they come with. They also want their decor to add to the experience of their daily lives. These are our highest goals, and we deliver them through the well-honed strategies that we have learned after decades in the industry.

Why Choose Allen & Allen

We believe that refurbishments and alterations shouldn't force you to put your life on hold while you wait for subcontractors who are dragging their heels over shoddy work. Nonetheless, this kind of experience weighs down the reputation of the industry. From the beginning, we have aimed to bring you an experience that is the polar opposite of that and, the more experience we gained, the better we could to achieve that goal.

Stress Free

The anxiety that is usually associated with large scale refurbishments is completely omitted by our commitment to efficient workflow that is carried out by dynamic teams who operate quickly and on schedule. We have always hired professionals who were qualified in their niches and they have, over the years, improved their efficiency as builders who work safely, skillfully and reliably. Unlike those typical to the sector, we work quickly and responsively around your schedule to keep your life intact while we work on your home.

Our Reputation

Today, we have a solid reputation in West London, which we gained by tackling every project as if it was our most important. When we found gaps in the sector, we filled them, which has brought you concepts such as our project planner, the paper-free venture, and the face-to-face consultation. These ideas take the jargon and complexity out of the building process, helping you to take your project as far as you want it to go.

Family Run

As a family business with a reputation that has grown to a large scale, we have managed to maintain the intimacy and friendliness that we were known for when we were in our first years. We deliver traditional, high quality results and the charm of old fashioned service excellence. This means we make the time to plan within your budget, time constraints, and in keeping with the industry's core standards authorities, bringing you guaranteed quality and accredited safety standards.

We Can Help With Nearly Everything

If your electrics, plumbing or gas systems need mending or updating, we'll help you to make sense of the technicalities while delivering a result that is intelligently designed and resource-efficient. Smaller tasks such as gutter-unclogging are carried out just as conscientiously. Style updates such as painting, redecorating, and remodelling are finished according to your stylistic needs and with an eye for detail. If your home needs to be overhauled to include the comforts of the modern lifestyle, we refurbish your home with heating, solar power, and state-of-the-art inbuilt audio.

Painting &

Inspired? Get Your Own Custom Project Planner


Our interactive project planner introduces you to options that you may not have considered before. The ability to turn your project into images that you can change and play with increases the success of your end result and supports your budget limits.
Our online guide takes you through every phase of development while our specialists meet you in person as you look at your options. A free digital guidebook walks you through everything you need to know about tailoring your project to your needs. We will then take over every facet of your venture, leaving you free of paperwork and stress. The anxiety that usually goes into arranging registration and planning permission is removed, since we do all the work for you.